Speaking Deck 

This is my 2019 Presentation Deck for both HOW Design Live and the FEI Innovation Conference. Please reach out with any specific questions.

Session Overview

This session provides a strategic overview of the Design Sprint framework and how we are using this methodology to drive design transformation, empower teams and foster a culture of innovation within The Home Depot.

Key Takeaways

Specifically, I discuss the strategies used to create a robust, scalable Design Sprint program to effectively alter the behaviors and mindsets necessary to drive organizational change. Lastly, I discuss the benefits of investing in Design Thinking efforts.

Session Slides

Please reach out with any specific questions.

  • "I really enjoyed the opportunity to work with Brooke. She is an outstanding teammate that never hesitates to dive into challenging work. I could always count on her to produce great work, facilitate the right discussions and effectively collaborate with other teammates."

    Fortune 500 Client
  • "Brooke was able to insert herself quickly in the existing wireframes. She was able to translate what the client needed to the technical teams to ensure the deliverable was solid. She did a great job blending with the team and was always eager to please!"

    Fortune 500 Client
  • "Brooke possesses great talent in the areas of user-experience and visual design. I would highly recommend Brooke to any company striving to achieve state-of-the-art design in any of their mobile or web products."

    Fortune 500 Client